March 31, 2020

At first glance, designing a new space seems relatively straight-forward. Select several items with complementing texture and tone, and your result will be a beautiful space, right? At MDC, we know this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, selecting appealing colors and patterns will not yield a successful design without the presence of supreme functionality, and in this case, we’re talking acoustics. But oftentimes, it seems that products on the market targeting acoustical resolutions are lacking the key elements of beauty, individuality and charm. Why does it have to be one or the other? With MDC, it never has to be.

With Zintra, our premiere acoustic collection, we combine the best of both form and function into one outstanding product. And now, we are pleased to add 11 brand new solutions, ranging from desk wraps to ceiling baffles and more, to our already effective collection. With powerful sound-reducing technology offered in a robust selection of styles and customizable options, Zintra can and will resolve unwanted noise in any environment while never interrupting the visual integrity of a space’s design.

Zintra’s impressive acoustical benefits are integrated artfully into its appealing, stylish designs, making this line of products extra attractive to designers. With literally unlimited style selections to choose from and 20 color options ranging from neutral to bright, adding a Zintra product to spaces only enhances the room’s design rather than retracting from it. Get creative with digitally printed, etched, or even layered wall panels. Looking for something a little more unique? Try Zintra’s sliding doors in a multitude of styles, or opt for a ceiling cloud that will modernize your design while still keeping noisy distractions at bay. Even if your space doesn’t require additional acoustical elements, Zintra is so stylish, you’ll still want it even if sound solutions aren’t one of your top priorities.

Whether in a high-traffic corporate atmosphere or in a busy retail location, Zintra also has the power to reduce stress in its occupants while enhancing their overall well-being. By promoting a healthy, welcoming environment, Zintra encourages workers and patrons to feel completely comfortable and at ease. Plus, with its premiere sound-absorbing qualities, the amount of work able to be accomplished is exponentially higher. Facilitating efficient conversations while improving overall productivity in the workplace has never been simpler because noise and distractions are no longer a disrupting issue with Zintra.

While Zintra has a focus on acoustic solutions and stylish design, this line of products proudly holds the title of best value on the market while still being competitively priced and affordable. Ranging from 0.45-0.95 NRC sound reduction, Zintra is a breeze to install and made from fully recyclable materials. This is a shoppable collection that designers can be proud to incorporate into their creations. Plus, being 100% polyester, all Zintra designs are able to repel all moistures and odors, which is always a benefit for any highly trafficked area.

Love the look and feel of Zintra? Contact your MDC sales representative today for more information on which Zintra solution would work best for you and your latest design project.