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Year in Focus: The Best of MDC in 2023

December 18, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, MDC proudly reflects on a year where we have not only achieved remarkable milestones, but also reinforced our commitment to being the complete solution to every interior need for our clients. This year has been a testament to our dedication in providing comprehensive nationwide service, pricing programs, product resources and support. It was a time filled with exciting progress in the fields of wallcoverings, acoustics, and enriching commercial spaces. Let’s dive into the key highlights that made 2023 a standout year for MDC.

To kick off the year, MDC unveiled new and innovative collections across multiple product categories. This move not only expanded our portfolio of solutions, but also sparked fresh inspiration among our clients in the interior design industry.

Throughout 2023, MDC remained committed to supporting industry professionals by unveiling a multitude of new wallcovering designs. Our releases featured a variety of new patterns in both classic and trending colors, adding depth and freshness to our most popular collections. Simultaneously, we upheld one of the industry’s leading selections of Type II wallcoverings, guaranteeing a wide array of choices for our clients.

Moving beyond walls, we introduced the Mesh Ceiling System featuring Zintra to tackle sound issues. This product is a go-to solution for acoustic panels for sound mitigation, blending style with practical benefits. It also boasts an NRC rating of 1.0, making it MDC’s most advanced soundabsorbing system yet.

Mega Textures brings a larger-than-life variety of wall panels for commercial spaces. The heavily dimensional designs offer an elevated aesthetic to any space. From natural to modern, Mega Textures provides designers with even more creative depth.

Our Woodland Architectural Panels exude elegance, as they were crafted from real wood by high-end furniture makers. Optimized for effortless customization, the simple rail installation system makes it easy to mix panel patterns or create new designs with your existing panels.

Our Performance Textile Wallcoverings are crafted to deliver outstanding performance without compromising on stylish aesthetics. Seacrest is an innovative performance textile crafted from recycled ocean plastics, symbolizing our commitment to addressing environmental challenges. These initiatives collectively underscore MDC’s ongoing mission to harmonize industry-leading design with responsible environmental stewardship.

We continued our dedication to our clients through our commitment to sustainability, which is a cornerstone of our identity. MDC’s manufacturing partners have implemented recycling systems for both pre- and post-consumer waste. These are designed to constantly reduce not only those waste streams, but to reduce the pollution levels connected to them. We also have dedicated ourselves to documented reductions in energy and water consumption. From conscientious product selection to UPS’s carbon-neutral packing and shipping program, our carbon offsetting initiatives are integral to our business ethos. Through this UPS program, we’re able to calculate and offset the climate impact of the carbon dioxide emissions that result from shipping product samples.

Fall 2023 also saw the launch of Installed, MDC’s quarterly trade magazine. This publication highlights collaborative design efforts, recent product launches, and shares inspiring case studies, showcasing the scope of design excellence.

Another notable milestone was the acquisition of Roll-A-Shade®, expanding our reach in the
window shades sector. This move aligned with our aim of expanding our portfolio and being a one-stop solution for the architecture and design community.

Reflecting on 2023, we’re grateful for the support from our customers, partners, and the design community. It’s been a year of learning, collaborating, and innovating, and we’re eager to carry this momentum into 2024.

As we step into the new year, MDC remains dedicated to pushing the limits in design, sustainability, and customer service. We look forward to continuing our work together, making a positive impact in the interior design world. A big thank you for being part of our journey, and here’s to a successful and inspiring new year ahead!