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Historic Architectural Elements Inspire Modern Acoustic Solutions

February 6, 2024

Recently, design firm Rinka was tasked with redesigning a historical building located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. This building serves as the headquarters for Zizzo Group, the Midwest’s premier digital engagement firm. Since 1866, this particular building located on 131 South 1st Street has housed everything from grocery stores, a distillery, a lighting gallery and even a speakeasy during the Prohibition era. Broad and stately, Zizzo Group wanted to preserve the historical nuances of the space while also updating it to function as a dynamic and collaborative environment.

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When Rinka reached out to MDC regarding a custom installation for this project, we were excited and ready to get creative. Rinka was looking to solve several issues with MDC product, including acoustics, privacy and aesthetic appeal all at the right cost. Since the building itself was so special, the client did not want its uniqueness to get lost in the redesign.

With this in mind, MDC worked together with Rinka to create custom Zintra panels inspired by the existing historical cast floor vents located on the first floor. Mimicking the shape of the vents while adding a touch of modern sophistication, the one-of-a-kind Zintra screens were born. Both functional and artistic, the client was thrilled with the final outcome. They even noted that one of their favorite “bonus” perks of the installation was the shadow pattern it creates on the floor when the sun shines through.

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