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Spring Interiors Trends

March 23, 2023

Spring is an invigorating season, filled with the perfume of fresh blooms, gentle sunlight, and the hum of renewed life. It’s the perfect time to declutter spaces and make room for new inspiration. Usher in a new aesthetic with nature-derived textures and reimagined classic motifs in anticipation of spring’s arrival. Learn how to bring tranquility to your interiors with refreshing trends that extend well beyond the upcoming season.

Bring an elevated sensibility to coastal design-inspired spaces. There is “a general request for clean and calming spaces,” says Giampiero Tagliaferri, lead interior designer at Studio Tagliaferri. Opt for a relaxed take on a classic design with Balla wallcovering by Len-Text Contract. This wallcovering showcases comforting textures and an embossed tweed pattern, making it a stylish choice for a range of interiors. 

Smooth, cool surfaces are the perfect backdrop for starting anew. Consider Esquire’s Waterwood wallcovering, as its flowing lines and earth tone offerings provide a grounding effect. Echoing marble veining or curvilinear agate formations, this pattern is an abstract interpretation of natural stonework. 

Embrace a modern minimalist aesthetic with calming neutral tones. “The use of…an earthy color palette in furniture and fabric will continue to rise,” confirms Krishna Salud, Director of Interiors at StudioLAB. Create a restful environment with Commerce wallcovering by Restoration Elements. Ranging from classic neutrals to saturated earth tones, this design embodies timelessness. 

Add warmth and a touch of glamor with natural silhouettes. The Natural Lush wallcovering by Candice Olson Couture features leafy metallic designs against restorative backdrops. The subtle sheen pairs perfectly with the contemporary trend of incorporating mixed metal finishes.

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