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December 17, 2019

New Scales, Patterns and Finishes Add More Drama, Design to Dimension Walls from MDC

CHICAGO (December 2019) — Designers, we dare you to turn any wall into a dynamic focal point. A wow factor. An eye grabber. A conversation starter – or stopper. The top-selling and ever-growing collection of Dimension Walls from MDC Interior Solutions not only makes it possible, but also easier than ever with four new textures.

“There’s a hunger for large-scale accent walls that create stunning statements – in casinos and clubs, spas and hotel suites, bars and restaurants, and even grand lobbies or retail spaces,” said Dan Brandt, director of product for MDC. “We’re continuing to expand our Dimension Walls portfolio to satisfy this growing appetite throughout the hospitality marketplace.”

The new Dimension Walls textures are Flower, Kenya, Pillar and Square.

A large-scale burst of texture, Flower gives interiors a fresh take on garden-variety floral designs. Kenya comes straight from the pridelands with a deeply embossed, animal skin-like texture that is subtle enough to use across large spaces, yet bold enough to make any area a stunner. Dramatic geometrics, Pillar and Square create movement across the wall, and offer different perspectives depending on the angle.

Each of the 3D designs are as durable as they are sophisticated, giving designers nearly limitless freedom and flexibility to create high-impact installations. Dimension Walls finishes play on popular trends: cracked metal, aged patina, wood grain, and stone – matte and polished. Choose a metallic finish to bend light or select a paintable option to achieve a specific color vision.

Available in 4-foot by 8-foot and 4-foot by 10-foot sheets, the decorated thermoplastic sheets are manufactured through an innovative thermoperforming process that is quick, efficient and cost effective without compromising design. Aside from materials costs, Dimension Walls offers significant savings in freight (bulk and weight) and installation. Additionally, waste generated in the manufacturing process is recycled and available for secondary use.

Dimension Walls products do not emit VOCs, and have no chemicals, solvents or carcinogenic agents. The products feature Class A fire rating with heat resistance up to 120 degrees and UV stability for more than 200 hours.

MDC Interior Solutions, located in the suburbs of Chicago, is one of the world’s largest sources of wallcoverings and coatings. The company’s nearly 50-year history is a story of acquisitions combined with the ability to provide customers with exceptional value, product selection and service. For more information, contact MDC at 847-437-4000 or visit mdcwall.com and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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