Dimension Walls

October 27, 2019

A complete, inspired room design is one that discovers the perfect balance between several key artistic elements. While some of these elements, like shape and color for example, are typically rather simple to express, others like texture can be a little more challenging. Oftentimes, when designers hear the word “texture,” it actually sounds more like “expensive” to them. So, depending on a project’s budget, texture can often be considered a secondary element to design; one seen as a luxury rather than a necessity.

This common misconception is exactly why MDC decided to change the game with MDC Dimension Walls and Ceilings. With this edgy and exciting selection of 3D panels, bringing lush and striking textures to spaces is easier (and more affordable) now than ever before. 

With MDC Dimension Walls and Ceilings, creating distinct, one-of-a-kind spaces full of life is attainable, affordable, and just plain fun. With thousands of pattern and finish combinations to choose from, plus 4 brand new style introductions, watch as spaces go from ordinary to extraordinary. Each Dimension style is deeply textured with a specialty mold, instantly forming various shapes and illusions ranging from abstract to geometric to whimsical. But it doesn’t stop there. With a total of 46 scratch-resistant finishes like metallic gold, brushed stainless, and aged copper, MDC Dimension Walls and Ceilings truly grants each designer the utmost creative freedom to express whichever visual statement they desire.

And, if you are thinking, “this sounds great, but what about those pesky seams?,” we’ve got that covered, too. Most of our MDC Dimension panels also feature a BIO (Built In Overlap), a unique seam system that makes installation easy and creates seams that are much less visible to the eye. With an endless list of combinations, adding that coveted ‘wow factor’ actually is just that simple.

Not only are MDC Dimension Walls and Ceilings full of inspiring patterns and finishes, the very product itself is lightweight and flexible, adding to its appeal. Enjoy the look and feel of a custom-made metal accent wall without the restraints of weight or manageability. And, with the ability to be applied to flat or curved surfaces, MDC’s selections do not limit creative ideas, but instead, enhance them. 

Further, at only .030″ thick and .25 pounds per square foot, Dimension panels also offer short lead times and inexpensive shipping, saving designers that ever-valuable combo of time and money.

In addition to its flexible nature and affordable cost, the styles of MDC Dimension Walls and Ceilings were also designed with sustainability in mind. Crafted with absolutely no chemicals, solvents, or carcinogenic agents, this paneling option is one that designers can feel good about purchasing. Plus, any waste created from manufacturing is responsibly recycled and donated for secondary use.

Love the look and feel of MDC Dimension Walls and Ceilings, but have a specific custom design in mind? We can do that, too! Implementing the same technology we use to create molds for our bank of Dimension patterns, we can artfully and efficiently imprint anything from company logos to specific brand colors onto our 3D panels to produce a completely original design. We invite you to contact your MDC representative to create your own custom, textured panel solution today.

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