Project Profiles

Bright Star Credit Union

May 20, 2024

Bright Star Credit Union, a cornerstone of Southern Florida’s financial community, partnered with DEI to develop their new corporate headquarters in Cooper City, Florida. The project aimed to construct a three-story building that would not only serve as a functional headquarters, but also as a focal point of the city, attracting community members and potential employees alike.

The key challenge was designing a space that encapsulated Bright Star’s brand — approachable and playful, yet mature and reliable. Selecting the right materials was crucial to this balance, leading to the partnership with MDC and our representative, Chrissy Van Winkle, whose guidance was instrumental.

Per DEI, MDC’s product selection for the project was meticulous. Zintra Acoustic Panels brought an aesthetic and functional edge, improving both visuals and sound quality. The warmth of our Zintra Sticks and Baffles, alongside the sophisticated Type II wallcoverings, cultivated an inviting yet professional atmosphere. Our Glassboards, customized to Bright Star’s branding, also added a modern, organized touch. Overall, these products met Bright Star’s need for a design that could evolve with trends while upholding the credit union’s ethos.

MDC’s trend-forward and sustainable approach, too, perfectly dovetailed with Bright Star’s objectives. The credit union aspired to a timeless design that resonated with their brand and would remain relevant through shifting design trends. The project thus leveraged MDC’s innovative solutions to ensure a durable and adaptable interior design.

According to the client, the collaboration with MDC was seamless. They stated that our customer service was exemplary, especially calling out Chrissy’s consistent support, from product inspiration to final selections. Challenges were met with flexibility and a collaborative spirit, ensuring the project stayed on course.

“The project culminated in a space that balanced contemporary flair with timeless elegance.”

The project culminated in a space that balanced contemporary flair with timeless elegance. The client stated that MDC’s contributions were integral to this, providing a cohesive visual appeal that aligned with Bright Star’s brand.

Post-completion, employee and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Employees appreciate the vibrant and inviting new workspace, which has reinvigorated their enthusiasm for office-based work. Customers have also noted the welcoming and modern ambiance, which positively impacts their experience.

In conclusion, the Bright Star Credit Union project, with MDC’s contributions, is a testament to how strategic design and branding can create a space that serves functional needs while fostering a strong connection with employees and clients alike.