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Swinging into Success: Puttshack and MDC’s Winning Collaboration

May 17, 2024

We are proud to have recently partnered with Puttshack, an innovative entertainment venue known for its unique mini-golf experience. This case study highlights our successful collaboration, showcasing our commitment to delivering tailored design solutions that align with Puttshack’s distinctive brand identity. Our partnership has been instrumental in enhancing the ambiance of new Puttshack locations, ensuring each venue reflects their signature ethos.

Puttshack selected MDC because of our specialized expertise in durability, customization, and ability to maintain brand consistency. Creating bespoke patterns and accents was crucial in meeting Puttshack’s requirements for distinct graphics and brand identifiers. This capability enabled us to produce designs consistently across various venues, playing a key role in the brand’s expansion. Our collaboration extended to working closely with Puttshack’s in-house design team, external consultants, and construction teams, ensuring a unified and brand-centric design approach across all venues.Our engagement with Puttshack involved a diverse range of MDC products. We supplied not just digital and vinyl wallcoverings but also specialty wallcoverings, Zintra products, and Howard Elliott mirrors. This extensive product selection allowed Puttshack to craft unique and engaging environments in each of their locations, significantly enhancing the overall guest experience.

An essential component of our partnership was the collaboration with MDC’s Digital Studio. This ensured that Puttshack’s designs were replicated accurately across different markets, maintaining a strong brand identity and recognition among guests. “It’s important to us that our guests can make the connection between our design and brand name, regardless of which venue they visit,” says Richard Blanck, interior designer for Puttshack.

A challenge we addressed together was preserving the uniqueness of each Puttshack venue while streamlining the design and replication process. We modified our production methods to offer more adaptable installation options, accommodating diverse venue conditions. This strategy enabled Puttshack to maintain its brand’s signature elements while customizing them for each specific location.The collaboration has yielded significant benefits, providing Puttshack with effective design and construction solutions, enhanced efficiencies, and innovative design approaches. “Having a wide variety of products available to us enables us to evolve our brand identity, as we can try new installations and products with a team we know and trust,” says Blanck. Our ongoing support and creative contributions have been pivotal in advancing Puttshack’s design journey.

“It’s important to us that our guests can make the connection between our design and brand name, regardless of which venue they visit.”

Our comprehensive product range and single-source approach have greatly facilitated Puttshack’s expansion. By offering a variety of products, we have empowered Puttshack to evolve its brand identity while relying on a trusted, consistent partner. This flexibility has allowed Puttshack to experiment with new designs and installations, further enriching the guest experience.

In conclusion, our partnership with Puttshack exemplifies MDC’s dedication to delivering high-quality, bespoke design solutions. We have played a vital role in helping Puttshack create unique and aesthetically appealing entertainment venues, thereby redefining the mini-golf entertainment landscape.