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Laurens Restoration has a 25-year history of making things look new again.

November 30, 2019

A two-year growth spurt prompted Laurens Restoration to update their offices after more than two decades running a successful business. They know a thing or two about breathing new life into a space, given their experience in restoring homes and businesses after a disaster. When it came time for their own office refresh, Laurens discovered a new purpose for their walls.

FUZE Dry Erase Paint.

A coat of FUZE Dry Erase Paint turned the walls of Laurens Restoration into an office management tool that’s rather fun to use. They applied the paint to the front wall in their office, a conference room wall and in the space above telephones for those who need to jot a quick note during a conversation.

“We already had large dry-erase boards in our offices, but the FUZE paint provided a great new look and a lot more room to write,” explains owner Zach Laurens. “I would recommend this for any business that needs an easy way to display daily or weekly information – especially if it is constantly changing.”

The FUZE walls erase easily, making them especially useful to track the team’s schedules.

“Everyone seems to enjoy the FUZE walls. It’s a great, clean look that’s fun to write on and easy to erase,” Laurens says.

If only every restoration project were as simple.

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