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Collection Launch New Products

Create Opulent Spaces with MDC’s Natural Silk II

March 20, 2024

Step into a realm where sophistication and opulence converge with MDC’s Natural Silk II collection. Each exquisite silk wallcovering is meticulously designed to provide both visual and tactile richness, weaving a narrative of quiet elegance and unparalleled artistry. As you explore, you’ll encounter a diverse palette of colors, sumptuous textures, and captivating patterns, each beckoning you to linger and wrap your space in timeless allure. The genesis of…

Collection Launch New Products

Introducing Mega Textures: Spaces That Refuse to be Ignored

November 8, 2023

At MDC, our unwavering commitment lies in delivering the pinnacle of innovation, enabling you to unleash your creative potential without constraints. While our steadfast devotion to design elements such as the latest color trends and stylish patterns remains, we’ve also attuned ourselves to the evolving market demand for other elements that can bring more dimension into projects: texture. Introducing Mega Textures, our latest addition to the realm of…